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Found some images I took of Harbour Porpoises at the Vancouver Aquarium floating listlessly.

Their names, I believe, are Daisy, who was rescued and deemed unreleasable and then transferred to VanAqua, and Jack, who was also rescued, but still resides there. They are supposedly the only Harbour Porpoises in permanent human care.

But. boy, is it depressing to have watched them. Their entire tank was just.. this. At first when I came around, there was a trainer there giving them food. But after the trainers left, they both just resorted to floating lifelessly. And they kind of just floated under the shadow by what looks like a wired gate/view. I stayed there for about 15 minutes feeling so awful for them.

You’d think if these animals were deemed unreleasable that their environment would be a little enriching. There wasn’t a toy or anything in sight.